Ultimate Ears Global Campaign

Logitech International, engaged Gorrie, a Retail Activation company to help them launch their new Ultimate Ears wireless speakers on an updated retail point of sale merchandising system. The brand wanted to increase its’ market visibility and awareness leading up to the crowded, competitive and cluttered holiday season.

Ultimate Ears offers exceptional product attributes – 360 degree immersive sound speakers that are drop-proof, waterproof and with integrating Amazon Alexa built-in to the Wi-Fi speakers. The goal was to create a brand experience at retail that would satisfy its target audience.

Alongside the international brand and multifunctional agency teams, Gorrie developed an integrated retail strategy that included insights, creative design and production (supporting video and audio within the point of sale inclusive of full video production and post production) and distribution across all platforms.

The resulting retail strategy and execution was everything it needed to be, both visually and aurally stimulating, it also demonstrated the Ultimate Ears brand and product in a compelling fashion. The product is fun and friendly to use; the retail execution was clever and delightfully simple to comprehend.

The key was to be culturally relevant and embrace individuality. At the same time, we needed to appeal to a wide audience. This was not to come at the expenses of freedom, fun and irreverence. On the contrary, the designs, performance and production were all crafted around the understanding that individuality and authenticity are to be celebrated.

Gorrie created all the product spots, retail activations (App & Video Content) in-market in seven languages around the world. Plus, digitally integrated displays with branded content further inspired interactivity with the brand. The retail execution was launched globally by major retailers including Best Buy, JB HIFI, Staples, Telus, John Lewis, Harvey Norman and more.

Explains Gorrie CEO, Ashley Gorrie: “We are proud to have worked closely with Ultimate Ears on this global POS program. Together, we linked all the relevant consumer touch points to help reinforce brand and lifestyle benefits. Today retail isn’t various platforms or channels anymore; it is one single line of modern retail. When we as consumers fall in love with a brand or product we want consistency of that experience each and every time. Ultimate Ears understood the complexity of global branding and integrated marketing. Through the partnership of the global offices, we redefined the way to bring a new brand and product to market.”  Ashley continues: “We are most proud that the success of a program like this isn’t just great retail design strategy, it’s global delivery. Collectively we produced dozens of international designs to support unique retail footprints, multiple global manufacturing and assembly facilities, technological advancements in sound and video content for retail developed consistently for all regions, product video development, logistics, and delivery.”

How to approach in-store innovation & flexibility without increasing costs:

The assignment was to produce a catalogue of modular displays globally that would work within different retail footprints while still maintaining a consistent brand look & feel.

Innovation in design was essential to the success of the program as flexibility of the POS system design was crucial to support future product launches and maintenance of the technology which supported the customer experience.

By designing a modular system it allows for the display body to be future-proof. The modular components are inexpensive to replace and allow for new product application, security and interaction with the core display.  This reduces the overall investment in the display program without increasing costs.

How to develop modular systems that enhance customer experience and ROI:

The customers path to purchase was accentuated by the use of a modular and innovative design.  While the highest standards of audio and video components were used to support the product function and ensure the product delivered upon the brand promise we used this technology to highlight the features and benefits of the product along the path to purchase.

The design focused on the customer’s field of engagement and their ability to digest information in-store. Modularity allowed for lighting highlighting specific products while video and voice allowed for product differentiation and unique selling propositions.

The use of tablets allowed for customers to self-educate and select the most natural or personalized user experience helping to bring the consumer closer to purchase.

Depending on the retailer’s product listing, the displays can support all product types and the technology and modularity allows for all content to be supported no matter the execution.

How we created a truly global modular retail solution:

• Centrally managed design and engineering

• Globally sourced display components to take advantage of economies of scale and to ensure top-quality materials were being used in all regions.

• Final assembly completed regionally to optimization of shipping and transportation. 

• 3,500 displays were dispatched to 14 countries around the world.

Display uptime and compliance almost immediately rose to the 98% mark. The strategic use of product and demographic-specific videos used as an additional information source on the displays has resulted in increased sales. This indicates that consumers can clearly differentiate and qualify their selection even at an increased price point reducing the price commoditization within the category.

The displays set Ultimate Ears apart from its’ competitors and more shoppers have been interacting with the new display than previous display programs.

The effect to the brand was a streamlined execution process through a single partnership resulting in consistency, quality and experience for consumers on an international level.

Key lessons learned:

Consumers are well educated on product features and benefits long before they elect to make a purchase in-store.  Key lessons learned from this program was that retail needs to be a natural extension of the online retail experience.  Consistent brand interaction and product content must be available at all retail outlets both online and offline. User journey personalization allows for consumers to engage the brand on their own terms and interpretation levels.  Modularity is essential to ensure the brand can operationally see an ROI and longevity within retail.