2018 OMA Award Winners – Retail, Merchandising, Display Design

Gorrie has had the distinct pleasure of working with some of the world’s best brands to design and develop compelling in-store merchandising programs.
This year, we were humbled to have been awarded one Gold and three Silver awards for excellence in retail merchandising.

We thank our clients for choosing to partner with us. Together we are delivering on the retail of the future.


Logitech G – Best Buy Category Redesign

As the PC gaming category explodes in growth so, too, is this category within Best Buy locations.  The objective of this category redesign was to highlight the range of gaming peripheral products offered by Logitech.  The category had to provide an in-store experience while also offering educational value to customers.

The category was to drive traffic to the newly defined PC gaming section with an attractive and cohesive extension to the existing gaming section.

Inspired by Logitech’s branding for their gaming peripherals, we designed an edgy display using their distinct color palette and lighting to elevate and attract shoppers to the product.  The placement of the products allow consumers to individually focus on each SKU while maintaining a cohesive look and finish.  The angled positioning allows for the customer to trial the components’ ergonomics, weight and functionality.

With the growth of the PC gaming section within Best Buy locations, the dedicated section to gaming peripherals allows for comparison of complimentary products to the greater system designs demonstrated in the Shop-in-Shops. The gaming table designs were a natural extension to the path-to-purchase, making it easy for consumers to compare and contrast the brands, products, and pricing.

Logitech Circle 2 Home Camera System

Gorrie designed and developed a new POS display to announce the arrival of Logitech’s Circle 2 Home Security Cameras. The purpose of the POS display was to call attention to the expanded product range and communicate the key features effectively to shoppers.  By using the key features of the products, the unique brand identity including color palette, typeface, and a branded video asset; a simple but compelling design was created.

The product is meant for product and home-owners or pet-owners who value security and are willing to try new, technologically advanced products.

The resulting execution was an eye-catching experience at retail meant to help drive sales and better inform shoppers of the Circle 2 difference.

Connected home is a relatively new category within consumer electronics retailers. This display highlighted Loigtech’s Circle 2 as a leader in the category in placement, design and communication.  As an endcap solution, it helped define the category and the path-to purchase.  The combination of product demonstration, video integration and graphic iconography helped demonstrate the brand and category within retail.

Torly’s Sample Board Dealer Display

Torly’s in-market display was nearing the end of its life cycle and Torly’s had launched many new products and needed to address its’ retail design.  Gorrie developed a fresh design to accommodate a modular in-dealer presentation so they could merchandise multiple lines of products based on dealer SKU sales.

The rollout of this design has shown a significant sales increase at dealers with new the new display.  The sales increase experiences was at minimum 23%.

Torly’s new approach to in-store displays is revolutionary in the flooring business.  They are the first to use LED lights so the customer can see the depth of their finish and the quality of the products.  Additionally, large brand signage was added as a beacon to the Torly’s brand within a multi product dealer environment.

This new flooring fixture design redefined how flooring should be sold.

Ultimate Ears Speakers Display

The Ultimate Ears program was a global program with three main goals.

Firstly, to introduce a new line of speakers to the market; a connected line with Wi-Fi connectivity and built-in Amazon Alexa.

Secondly, using the displays to launch a global re-brand for Ultimate Ears;

And thirdly, to ensure consistency at POS on a global scale.  The end goal was to increase brand recognition at retail, and encourage shoppers to learn more about the Ultimate Ears range of products.

By using the shopper insights and research findings, we developed a display that focused all critical information within the specified field of engagement, we developed a custom tablet app, allowing shoppers to interact with the display and learn more about the differentiators and unique selling proposition of each speaker.  Custom videos were produced specific for retail and e-tail channels, showcasing the inspirational lifestyle, new brand, and features of the individual products in real-life situations.  

The resulting execution was not only high-performing at the retail level, but delivered upon the highlighted goals.