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The Beginning

( 1839 )

In 1839, George T. Gorrie and his four brothers left Scotland in search of a better life. The tradesmen eventually made their way to Canada, settling in Toronto.

A Dollar & A Dream

( 1882 )

Recognizing a great business opportunity, George T Gorrie ADS was founded in 1882, producing supply packaging, distinctive product identification, and displays.

Moving into the New Century

( 1904 )

In 1904, the great Toronto Fire engulfed the entire downtown business area and George Gorrie’s factory was totally destroyed. After a brief hiatus in the Californian sun, George returned to Toronto determined to rebuild. Soon after, the business resembled an agency with a number of printers, embossers, and high profile clients.

The Mother of Invention

( 1945 )

With the effects of Great Depression and WWII still being felt, advances in silk screen process led the way for a shift in the industry; displays started taking on a more luxurious and permanent form. It was during this time that Gorrie patented the infinity mirror, which was called The Repeatograph.

Starting at the Golden Years

( 1950 - 1970 )

Between 1950-1970, Gorrie became a leader in the space, creating designs for window signage and semi-permanent displays for Ford Motor Company, Sears, Kodak, and Sealtest Dairy, to name a few. This period also saw Gorrie open and operate a second office in Montreal, focusing on sales promotion with brands such as Benson & Hedges, Labatt Breweries, Air Canada, Chanel, Nivea, and many more. At this time Gorrie also began to expand internationally with partnered offices in over 20 international countries.

A leader in Industrial Displays

( 1975 - 1989 )

Having established ourselves as a premiere service provider, our success became widespread. We were producing displays and retail environments for brands in multiple industries, pushing our creativity in category management. Gorrie helped brands like Chrysler, Mattel, Covergirl and Gerber own not only the last 3 feet of the customer journey, but created the theatre associated with category captains and defining areas within mass retailers.

International Expansion

( 1995 - 2005 )

As our clients began to expand globally, so did our business. Gorrie travelled the world to better understand how support our clients both locally and globally in order to ensure consistency. We established two manufacturing offices in China to deliver quality and competitive retail solutions. Our global footprint allowed for us to better support clients both domestically and offshore, from customer service, through rollout and finally installation.

New Opportunities

( 2008 - Present )

Gorrie began integrating technology into our retail programs to meet the needs of the evolving consumer. Design and development of retail security for mobile devices as well as integration of screens and 'smart' display technology made Gorrie a leader in the consumer electronics space. Gorrie married the graphic content development for retail at the same time as the physical displays. Today, Gorrie is a fully integrated retail activation agency operating internationally to support our clients, ensuring consistency in all retail formats.

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